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Sun Voyager brings the live show and merch table straight to your home computer and mobile device, so instead of sweating it out while you're getting soaked in beer at a bar or live venue, you can sweat it out and get soaked in beer anywhere, anytime. Maybe we will see you at a bar or live venue someday.

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Seismic Vibes

Sun Voyager

"Sun Voyager use the opportunity of their first full-length to showcase the dynamic they’ve worked hard through the last several years to build." - The Obelisk

"Maybe the surprise of the year. Incredibly good heavy psych album." - Reverb is for Lovers

"If you’re a connoisseur of the latest in fuzzed-out heavy music, Sun Voyager are a band that should have a place on your radar." - Decibel Magazine

"Traditionalist "post-Hawkvind" moto-space rock" - Recyclable Sounds

"A highly entertaining recording with a total feelgood vibe, an ideal soundtrack for the hot summer days, which are imminent…" - Deep Beneath

"One of the most exciting albums of 2018 is here, in the nebulous soul of 'Seismic Vibes'." - El Coyote
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